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Welcome to the homepage for United-Johnson Brothers of Alabama, LLC. United-Johnson Brothers is the largest wine wholesaler in Alabama, serving nation-wide business and independent stores alike. No matter what size business you have and no matter what the demands of your customers, United-Johnson Brothers can give you the inventory you need and what your customers are asking for. 

First time to the site?  Be sure to check out our News & Events page for all the latest news about United-Johnson Brothers.  Below you'll find a quick company history as well as a glance at some of our major upcoming events. 


A Brief History of Our Company

In November 2010 MBC/United and Johnson Brothers Wine of Alabama merged to create United Johnson Brothers of Alabama, LLC. 

The merger combined the compatible portfolios of two of the largest distributors in Alabama.  MBC/United was a subsidiary of United Distributors of Georgia a family owned company and Johnson Brothers Wine was subsidiary Johnson Brothers Minnesota also a family owned company. 

The combined experience in the beverage industry of the two companies and families spans more than a century.  The merger created the largest beverage distributor in the state, with operations in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile which provides us the unique opportunity to service the state unlike any other distributor. 

We continue to be leaders and innovators in the Beverage Distribution industry today and look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our customers in the future.


The Mission of
United-Johnson Brothers of
Alabama, LLC is
to be the most successful
corporation in the beverage
distribution industry.
In order to be considered
The most successful,
United-Johnson Brothers is
Committed to achieving:

Outstanding return on investment, excellent
profitability and consistent long-term growth.

A respect for their goals along with a working
Partnership which is founded on 1) open com-
munication at all levels of the company and
2) our ability to provide superior market man-
agement and continued marketplace innovation.

The highest levels of service, education and
Salesmanship consistent with all existing laws
and regulations.

The creation of a supportive family-feeling work
environment which provides the necessary
opportunity for personal and professional
growth, receipt of equitable compensation and
benefits, and in return, incurs loyalty, pride,
and diligence.

Active personal and financial support in order
to make the areas in which we do business
better places to live.

Quick Schedule of Upcoming Major Events

Below you'll find a quick list for the next couple of major events in which United-Johnson Brothers in participating.  For a complete list, see the News & Events page.

Date Time Event

5:00 P.M. 
Ronald McDonald House Charity Dinner


5:30 P.M.
Wine Tasting
at The Wine Loft

2200 1st Ave North, Birmingham, AL


5:00 P.M. 
Ronald McDonald House Charity Dinner


5:30 P.M.
Wine Tasting
at The Wine Loft

2200 1st Ave North, Birmingham, AL


5:30 P.M.
Wine Tasting
at The Wine Loft

2200 1st Ave North, Birmingham, AL

6:00 P.M. 
The Dauphin Street Beer Festival

219 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL
more information to come!

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